High School Curriculum

IMG_8869At Calvin Christian High School we seek to offer an excellent academic program that integrates a biblical worldview into all subject areas. We strive to prepare our students to insert themselves in God’s world and bring shalom as God intends it.  Although lists of courses—both required and electives—say something about a high school’s academic program, it’s necessary to look deeper.  At CCHS we work through course content, course structure, and the very culture of our school to develop graduates who are passionate, self-directed learners who are eager to live out God’s calling on their lives.



Bible       The Bible may be the most influential book in the history of humanity.  Western civilization, arts, and literature have all been deeply shaped by the Bible. As Christians we confess that the Bible is the Word of God; (more)


Language Arts       In language arts we aim to place the wonder and power of language squarely before us and link the use of language to the making or breaking of connections or relationships–with ourselves, other human beings, our Creator, and the rest of creation. (more)


Mathematics       Mathematics helps us observe, describe, and use the order and structure God has embedded in his creation. (more)


Science       In science we seek to not only promote an attitude of wonderment as we explore God’s creation, but also to evaluate how humanity, both historically and presently, responds to the cultural mandate, (more)


Social Studies       In social studies we investigate the development of the human community by studying geography, history, economics, politics, and anthropology. (more)




Fine Arts


Physical Education


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