Mr. Arlan Koppendrayer

Arlan KoppendrayerMr. Arlan Koppendrayer teaches 9th-12th grade history, Bible, and government at CCHS. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Calvin College and a Master of Divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary.


Favorite book:

When I was a child, our teachers always read to us immediately following recess. These were the greatest moment of my life. If I had to choose one book that had the greatest impact, it would be Rifles For Watie by Harold Kieth, a Newberry award winner. In college, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens moved me very much.


Favorite thing about working at CCS:

The most enjoyable facet of teaching at CCHS is the staff. They are also extraordinarily bright, committed to Christ and His cause, and, on most days, really decent people.


Favorite student quote:

I love watching students present their learning. This can be in any course, but I especially enjoy seeing it in Independent Projects. My favorite student quote comes from Abby Peterson when she was presenting her senior project. She repeated effectively several times during her presentation: “Because Jesus Wants All of Me.”


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