We believe that all things exist to glorify God, whom we know in Jesus. Therefore, we must teach children that every part of their lives must serve Christ’s glory.

We believe that because God made and upholds his creation, it is of essential goodness and worth. We take delight in all aspects of the physical world, the theoretical world, and biblically lawful human activity as good gifts from the Creator. Therefore, the Calvin Christian School curriculum must study the entire created order; reflect the principles of truth, goodness, and beauty vested in our world; and interpret each fact in the universe as belonging to the upholding work of God.

We believe that God made men and women to tend the world as bearers of his image. Therefore, we must teach children, of whatever ability, to study our world and use its resources to fulfill our task of stewardship.

We believe that God has created a world of order, not chaos, and has given human beings the ability to understand the created order. Therefore, we draw on the many insights that non-Christians as well as Christians have acquired in studying creation, and that they have used in formation of human culture.

We believe, however, that sin darkens our hearts and understanding of the world. Therefore, we teach that all human culture is affected by sin and falls short of glorifying God. We must continually evaluate all human actions, including our own, from a biblical perspective.



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Edina K-8 Campus
4015 Inglewood Ave. S
Ph: 952-927-5304

Blaine K-8 Campus
8966 Pierce St. NE
Ph: 763-785-0135

High School Campus
755 73rd Ave. NE, Fridley
Ph: 763-531-1732